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Newton Princess Stand alone Gravity Water Filter system

Newton Princess Stand alone Gravity Water Filter system

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The Newton Princess is a complete system, no need to purchase add-ons to accomplish your needs. The beautiful 304 stainless canisters each hold approximately 2.25 gallons without filters installed, this is the same size as our Big Berkey. We ship the Newton Princess with a water view sight glass spigot so that you will know at a glance how much filtered water that you have in the lower chamber.

The Newton Princess has the capacity to use up to 4 filters in the top chamber, but most people find it necessary to utilize only 2 filters at a time which helps keep you cost way down.

The Newton Princess will arrive with:
  • 2 stainless steel canisters with the lid and lid knob
  • 2 British Berkefeld / Doulton ATC Super Sterasyl ceramic filters, 7 inches by 2 inches, (these filters will also fit ALL Berkey systems, including the Berkey Light and the Travel Berkey, the Big Berkey, and all the way up to the Crown Berkey)
  • 2 B-2 post filters for Fluoride, Arsenic, and heavy metal reduction
  • 1 Water View sight glass spigot

British Berkefeld / Doulton ATC Super Sterasyl

A Sterasyl microfilter plus granular activated carbon and lead removal media.

Filtration Rating (% particulate filtration efficiency)
  • .09 Micron Absolute >99.99%
  • .05 to .08 Micron Nominal >99.9%
Working Parameters
  • Suitable for use in Gravity Filters
  • Recommended change frequency 6 months / 400 gallons
Flow rate to achieve maximum performance
  • 0.3 gallons per hour under gravity use
Turbidity reduction to NSF standard #53
  • >98%
Pathogenic Organisms (Bacteria Removal)
  • E-Coli >99.99%
  • Cholera >99.99%
  • Shigella >99.99%
  • Typhoid >99.99%
  • Klebsiella Terrigenna >99.99%
Pathogenic Organisms (Cyst Removal)
  • Cryptosporidium >99.99%
  • Giardia >99.99%
Trace Organics removal
  • Insecticides (Lindane @ 0.1 ppb presence)
  • Herbicides (Atrazine @ 1.2 ppb presence)
  • Phenols (TCP@ 1.2 ppb presence)
  • Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s @ 0.2 ppb presence)
  • Trihalomethanes (Chloroform @ 150ppb presence)
Inorganics Removal
  • Free Chlorine Removal (2 mg cl/l challenge) >95% under gravity
  • Lead Removal (@ PH 6.5 after 2244L) >94% under gravity

B - 2 Fluoride / Metal Reduction Element

This filter element is designed to reduce heavy metals, fluoride, color, Bromine, Pesticides, and chlorine/choramine in drinking water. The rate of adsorbtion is determined by contact time between the incoming water and time in the cartridge.

Adsorption will vary dependent upon the contaminants aimed for removal. Some contaminants will be more easily filtered with low pH range, whilst others will be more effective at a higher level. Percentage of reductions will vary from 50% to 95% over the life of the filter element based on the level of contaminant (s) found in your water supply.

Reduction efficiencies

Aluminum >80%

Arsenic III >80%

Arsenic V >80%

Cadmium >80%

Chromium VI >80%

Copper >90%

Iron >80%

Lead >95%

Manganese >80%

Mercury >50%

Nickel >90%

Silver >50%

Zinc >90%

Will also reduce Strontium, Uranium and Vanadium.

Due to the wide variety of contaminants that this filter can reduce, it is highly recommended that a water analysis be conducted prior to installation of this media cartridge. The suggested filter change will range based on water conditions. Please consult your dealer for specific replacement periods based on your analysis.

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