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Doulton HCA Emergency / Travel Filter

Doulton HCA Emergency / Travel Filter

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Doulton® outdoor recreation water filters are specifically designed for use in situations where a reliable supply of safe drinking water is unavailable.

The HCA Gravity Water Filter is lightweight, durable and robust. It is compact, portable and simple to operate, requiring no external plumbing or power supply.

The HCA Gravity Water Filter should be fitted with Doulton® Sterasyl®, Doulton® Super Sterasyl® or Doulton® ATC Super Sterasyl® ceramic filter candles, which have been rigorously performance tested and verified by both in-house and independent testing laboratories

The Filter consists of two containers. The upper container is filled with untreated water which then filters down into the lower container, through a Doulton® ceramic filter candle.

The filter takes only minutes to assemble and can provide up to 40 litres (10 US gallons) of safe drinking water each day. One or two filter candles can be used, depending on the flow rate required.

The ease of operation combined with a proven effectiveness at eliminating waterborne diseases, such as cholera and typhoid, has led to the range of Doulton® gravity filters being used all over the world by many of the major aid and emergency relief organisations, often in the most demanding situations.

Absolute filtration efficiency to 0.9 microns (defined as >99.99%)
For particles from 0.5 to -0.8 microns efficiency is greater than 99.9%
Reduces turbidity by an efficiency greater than 99.7%
Filters out the following parasites and pathogenic organisms:

✔Escherichia Coli (E. Coli)
✔Vibrio Cholerae (Cholera)
✔Salmonella Typhi (Typhoid)
✔Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons
✔Free Chlorine

Unit comes with 2-7inch Doulton / British Berkefeld silver impregnated Ceramic Super Sterasyl filters. Life over 500 gallons per filter depending upon water quality.

Lower Chamber Capacity: 5 litres (about 1 1/3 gallons)
Assembled height: 500mm (just under 20 inches)
Diameter: 195mm (7.75 inches)
Shipping dimensions: 305mm x 195mm (about 12 inches by 7.75 inches)

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